Linear Finance is pleased to announce that we have successfully upgraded our protocol’s oracle mechanism to Chainlink Price Feeds. Our users now have enhanced security and reliability guarantees that all Linear Finance synthetic assets will be minted, swapped, redeemed, and liquidated according to the most up-to-date and precise global market prices. This enables users to trade various cryptocurrencies and market indices with increased confidence, knowing that their funds are secured by an oracle infrastructure with a historical track record of reliability, even during times of high gas prices and extreme network conditions.

“We saw a need to scale our oracle…

Dear Community,

We would like to share the latest updates regarding the Linear Finance protocol.

Perpetual Offering:

This past month, we introduced our perpetual offerings, allowing users to take long positions and more importantly take short positions on BTC and ETH. This is only the beginning for this perpetual series and we are monitoring the performance and any related user issues.

So far, the perpetuals are experiencing a limited number of bugs. We expect user testing to continue for a few more weeks and then we will begin expanding the offering to some of our more popular pairs.

For other…

To the Linear Community:

Today we introduce the start of the perpetual contract series on the Linear Exchange. Our current exchange allowed users to solely gain long exposure to our listed liquid assets but there was no way for users to take a short position. As a result, users who are bearish on certain assets are unable to trade this insight without using another platform. Also, as Linear Exchange only allowed long positions, stakers who mint USD are always effectively shorting the market which may not be favourable in certain market conditions.

This perpetual contract series is the result of…

Dear Community,

As a follow on to our last protocol update on June 15th we would like to share our current developments and progress around the two impending releases.

Perpetual Offering:

Our perpetual offerings are in their final stages of testing and will be ready to release within the next few weeks. The team is ironing out a number of bugs that were encountered whilst working on functional additions to the exchange to allow for these new products. Once complete, the initial offering will allow users to take short positions on BTC, ETH, and BNB. …

Dear Linear Community,

On June 17 Linear were pleased to announce the listing of the DEFI index on Linear.Exchange, allowing token holders to collectively invest in blue-chip DeFi tokens such as Chainlink’s LINK, Maker (MKR), Aave, Uniswap’s UNI, (YFI), Compound’s COMP, Synthetix (SNX) and SushiSwap (SUSHI), and high-growth projects including UMA, Ren, Loopring (LRC), Balancer (BAL), pNetwork (PNT) and Enzyme (MLN).

The DEFI index, curated by financial experts from the PieDAO community, will follow a monthly rebalancing schedule. As we’ve started a new month it’s time to provide the updated allocations of the index.

The process of rebalancing can…

At Linear we are committed to building a protocol that incorporates our community and since the launch of our ecosystem back in September 2020, we have actively monitored those that have continuously made positive contributions.

Jason has been a part of Linear’s community since day one and has shown tremendous support and initiative ever since. With that being said, it is with great excitement that we now kick-off our Ambassador Program with the announcement of Jason as our lead community ambassador .

By always being around and participating in Linear’s community in a positive and educational manner, Jason sets a…

Dear Community,

We last provided some insight into our progress during our AMA on May 28th. It has since been a few weeks and we’d like to provide you all with a few further updates as there are quite a number of new developments.


Within the next few days, once testing is complete, we will be listing a DEFI++ Index (DEFI) on our Linear Exchange through a partnership with PieDao as we continue to work with solid index providers and experienced portfolio structurers in the DeFi space. …

Kevin and Drey go into great detail during an AMA hosted by the Linear Exchange Community.

Kevin: Hey guys…..

Drey: Hello

Ant (host): Hey guys! Kevin and Drey are here with us today to answer some of your questions. Thank you Kevin and Drey for taking the time to be here with us!

Kevin: Hello, thanks for the taking the time today. We are happy to be here to speak with our own community, give some updates and also answer some pressing questions.

Drey: Yep. Especially when market is not UP ONLY anymore — good time for us to share…

Dear Linear Community

“Soon” is now here….

Today marks the launch of the much talked about Linear Vaults. We have successfully deployed our smart contracts and the Linear Vaults are LIVE!!

As many of you guessed over the last few months, the Linear Vaults are a yield generating addition to our ecosystem that allows our users to passively earn interest by staking USD and or Pancakeswap LP tokens. At Linear we truly value our community and the Linear Vaults are a direct result of user feedback requesting for a way to passively earn whilst holding LINA tokens.

To launch, we…

What is Linear Finance?

Linear Finance is a cross-chain enabled delta-one asset protocol that has a bold vision to disrupt the way we all trade sought after crypto currencies, commodities, traditional currencies and indices. At Linear we believe that innovation and simplicity is the key to building a sustainable ecosystem that is used by the masses and we are ready to spread the word.

As you may know Linear Finance is designed to evolve into a DAO and for long-term success it will become increasingly important to have a strong community in place as the backbone of our network. With this in mind we…

Linear Finance

A Decentralized Delta-One Asset Protocol with Unlimited Liquidity

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