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5th Feb, 2024 Update #2

Hi Linear Community. Please find below the next installment of the fortnightly updates.

Update covering End Jan through early Feb, 2024

Development Team Update
The team are pushing hard to deliver Linear 2.0, technical updates below, enjoy.

1. Deployment of a New Staging Environment on Amazon Cloud Services: We have successfully deployed an enhanced staging environment onto Amazon Cloud Services, marking a significant leap forward in our infrastructure capabilities. This deployment underscores our dedication to leveraging advanced cloud solutions for improved scalability, performance, and reliability.

2. Refactoring of BlockScout for Deployment in AWS Fargate: Our team has completed a pivotal refactoring of BlockScout, aligning it with contemporary cloud-native deployment methodologies. This rewrite facilitates its integration within containerized AWS Fargate environments, significantly bolstering our application’s scalability, manageability, and resilience.

3. Enhancements to the 3D Logo Movement, Positioning, and Animation: Last week included a meticulous redesign and reimplementation of our new 3D Logo’s movement, positioning, and animation across both PC and mobile platforms. On PC, we introduced more nuanced control over the logo’s movement, allowing it to follow user scrolling in a more integrated manner. For mobile implementations, we transitioned from static imagery to dynamic logo animation. This approach optimizes performance on lower-end devices by reducing the computational load.

Linear 2.0 Remains on brand, but clean, sharp and modern

4. Strategic Meeting on New dApps Development: A productive meeting was held with Jason and Bowser last week, focusing on the review of new decentralized applications. The session facilitated a comprehensive planning phase, identifying necessary modifications and setting the direction for future development efforts.

General Operations Update
In the early part of the update period we met with an interesting project called Wombat. Wombat Exchange is a multichain and cross-chain single-sided decentralized exchange (DEX) specializing in stable-swap operations. It offers minimal slippage in asset swapping and maximizes yield in staking, promoting greater capital efficiency. Its unique liquidity pool design aggregates liquidity in a shared pool, managed by Coverage Ratios. Wombat also features a gamified bribe market, incentivizing users through various interactive activities. The platform uses an asset to liability model to reduce slippage and is known for its gas-efficient swap algorithm. It is designed to advance the growth of DeFi, particularly on the BNB Chain, and supports multiple chains and over 140 assets.

There are lots of potential synergies here for us to work on together, we are looking to potentially list LUSD on their platform, enhancing liquidity, increasing trading volumes and most importantly further supporting and stabilising the peg. We are also inviting Wombat to come have a chat on our Linear Explorers Podcast, so look out for that one soon.

You can visit their website here: Wombat Exchange.

For second part of the update period the Ops Team flew out to work with the Dev Team on the final stages of the website launch and the planning and design stages of the Dex. The tech team have shared as much of the detail as we are able to at this stage in their update above, but we can tell you that things are looking really sharp on the new site and the new Dex is really exciting. Technically it is a Dex, a Decentralised Exchange, but…well you’ll see.

Team Linear.



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