Dear Community,

Dear Linear Community,

At Linear we are committed to building a protocol that incorporates our community and since the launch of our ecosystem back in September 2020, we have actively monitored those that have continuously made positive contributions.

Dear Community,

Kevin and Drey go into great detail during an AMA hosted by the Linear Exchange Community.

Dear Linear Community

What is Linear Finance?

Linear Finance is a cross-chain enabled delta-one asset protocol that has a bold vision to disrupt the way we all trade sought after crypto currencies, commodities, traditional currencies and indices. At Linear we believe that innovation and simplicity is the key to building a sustainable ecosystem that is used by the masses and we are ready to spread the word.

Welcome to Linear Vault! We are delighted to announce our launch of Linear Vault on Binance Smart Chain which will go live on Wednesday 26th May at 10 am UTC. As predicted by many smart community members, Linear Vault is a yield-generating platform for ℓUSD holders. With Linear Vault, you can deposit ℓUSD and receive interest in ℓUSD or BUSD, whichever you chose. Alternatively, users can also earn more LINA in addition to the current Mainnet Buildr Staking Program by depositing ℓUSD-BUSD Pancake LP tokens into the Vault. …

To our Linear Users:

  • Linear Finance has partnered with decentralized coverage platform Bridge Mutual to provide risk coverage for users’ activity on Linear Finance.
  • As part of the partnership, Bridge Mutual will create coverage pools for Linear Finance. Users will be able to purchase coverage policies directly within the Linear Finance app.
  • This partnership comes just after the listing of Linear Finance’s native token LINA on Binance.

Risks can be unpredictable in the crypto field, and this is especially true in the DeFi space. Linear Finance is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with decentralized risk coverage platform Bridge Mutual. …

Linear Finance

A Decentralized Delta-One Asset Protocol with Unlimited Liquidity

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